The Niles Haunted House

The largest and most popular of our attractions, it has been with us since the beginning! Before you even get to the massive house, you must make your way along a lonely, winding path with shaky bridges over dark ponds, with foggy patches through trees and a completely pitch-black maze leading to the dead!


Once you get into the house, there are over 100 different paths through the attraction, it is impossible to see it all with less than seven trips. Each year the rooms, themes, sound effects and scares are changed to provide a fresh show. In 2023, to celebrate our 50th Year of Fear, you will venture through a classic haunted mansion with many creepy corridors of the home. From decrepit catacombs to the thrills and chills of a basement, an attic, a haunted forest and so much more! We will have your adrenaline gland pumping!


After you’ve made it through the main House, you still have to survive an old cemetery, and a late 1800’s village consumed by an infection as you continue through many more twists and turns!

Blackbeard’s Revenge

Welcome aboard the Queen Anne’s Revenge, the infamous ship of Captain Blackbeard! You are the crew of Captain Wynn boarding the vessel to find the treasure that doomed the ship and its crew to a dark and unforgiving curse forever. Unaware of what happened, you assume the ship to be abandoned and long forgotten, but you’re strongly mistaken. They say “Dead Men Tell No Tales” because ye be lucky to survive to tell the story.






Ghostly Hollow

Life in the West was full of outlaws, gold rushes and violence, and also was inhabited by many fraudsters looking to make an extra coin by any means necessary. Carmen and her husband John moved out West to get a fresh start and escape from the law wanting them for crimes against peace and dignity. John was always looking for the next get rich quick scheme and sold a snake-bite elixir claiming to cure anything and everything at the towns saloon. Unfortunately, one-by-one the townspeople became ill and died; plaguing the entire town which was left to be known as the Ghostly Hollow.

The Field of Screams

Considered one of our most popular attractions, even a GPS won’t help you find your way out of this series of outdoor mazes. Finding a way out means venturing through a massive authentic cemetery, a toxic waste facility, a rundown carnival and the return of the birch tree forest! But once you are there, your problem becomes how to escape! Be sure to grab some comfortable shoes because this is a LONG stroll through the dark and unknown!

Dark Terror-tory Haunted Hayride

If the other attractions have you tired of running, you can get on board a tractor-drawn wagon and ride the Dark Terror-tory Haunted Hayride. The trail is approximately a mile long and filled with more than 40 sets that will take you on a journey showing you why “We Are Halloween!”. A mix of humor and scares, the ride is certainly not a typical Fall hayride through the woods.


Our most intense horror experience ever is BACK by popular demand! Just when you thought it was over, we’re kicking things up a notch. Each patron is blindfolded and oh yeah, the actors can touch you!  Adults 18 and older only. You must sign a waiver. If you bail out of the attraction, you got what you paid for–an experience so intense you couldn’t handle it! No refunds. No chicken out passes. Good luck! Included in the Frightful Nightful Plus Package.

Escape Rooms

In 2023, the Niles Scream Park welcomes the return of new 5-minute puzzles that put you and your friends in the middle of a horror scenario. Work together to overcome your greatest fears before time runs out! Fast paced and exciting, there will be (4) five-minute escape rooms open at the Park.  Minimum of four tickets per session. You must make a time reservation at the Park.

And don’t miss the happenings on the Midway!

Admission to the Midway is 100% free! There you will find an assortment of terrifying entertainment including:

Professional Entertainers

  • Music from R&S Entertainment and radio remotes.
  • Check the events page to see what entertainers will be on site the night you visit and what is brewing to celebrate our 50th Consecutive Year of Fear!

Ghoulish Games

  • Dead-Split Axe Throwing: Test your skills at splitting some wood by throwing axes. Land a bullseye and receive a Dead Split Axe certificate! 

  • Spooky Splat Paintball Gallery: Shoot paintballs at targets! Our most popular game gives you the chance to hit some moving targets.

Things to Do

  • Monsters of the Midway: We unleash some of our most horrifying monsters to roam the Midway. It is fun to watch others get scared–just make sure it’s not you!
  • Hall of Fear: Take a step back in time and walk through FIVE decades worth of history in our very own museum. Enjoy newspaper articles, videos, tickets, behind the scenes and so much more dating back to 1974! Introducing, the “Hall of Fear!” – another tribute to 50 Years of Fear! FREE TO ALL ON THE MIDWAY | ONE YEAR ONLY

  • Photo Opportunity: Keep the memories of your visit to the Scream Park alive by taking a picture among family, friends and monsters in our all new and improved photo-ops located on the trail of the Niles Haunted House prior to beginning your journey through this dark and twisted attraction.







  • Selfie Stations: Take a selfie for FREE at one of many stations scattered across the Midway!
  • Scream Park Theater: Grab some concession food, sit down on a hay bale and enjoy a Halloween-themed movie on the big outdoor screen!
  • Witches Brew: Stay hydrated during your Frightful Nightful at our famous Witches Brew where you can purchase all sorts of creepy, bubbly concoctions sponsored by Jones Soda!







  • Potions: Visit the “Poisoned Apple” where we have hand-crafted our potions (No, we will not tell you how they are made) and have heard positive testimonies from our customers about our concoctions. You’ll be able to get potions for love, weight loss, money and other spells to help you in life.  We also carry spells of a “darker nature.”  (Remember, we are a haunted attraction.)  We also have hexes for your exs and summoning the dead. Our most popular potion is for protection, so stop by and grab a bottle before heading into the Haunted House. Sweet Screams!


  • Concession Treats: We have several vendors on site that provide a variety of tasty foods and treats like hot dogs, burgers, fries, pizza, elephant ears, ice cream treats, hot chocolate and more.

  • Gift Shops: All new and improved! Visit our two unique gift shops to purchase gifts for your friends and family too chicken to come with you! You will find anything and everything spooky and Halloween oriented from apparel, glassware, artwork, ornaments and yes, even bones! You’ll love the broader selection of Niles Scream Park apparel and Halloween items for sale at the Broomstick BOOtique and Ghoulish Gifts!! Nothing better than a souvenir to keep the Nightmare alive!