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What is a Scream Park?

It is 44 acres of fun. In addition to our traditional Niles Haunted House that will scare the yell out of you, we have expanded our attractions again this year. We have the Niles Haunted House, Haunted Duplex (Blackbeard’s Revenge & Ghostly Hollow), the Field of Screams, the Dark Terror-tory Haunted Hayride, Hooded, 5-minute Escape Rooms and a midway with the Spooky Splatt Paintball Shooting Gallery, Dead-Split Axe Throwing, food concessions and gift shops. 

Where are you located?

The Niles Scream Park is at 855 Mayflower Road, Niles, Michigan, just east of U.S. 31 Exit #5 (the Niles-Buchanan exit). Be sure to check the map for directions.

When are you open?

Please see our dates and hours page for full details. Please note that the hayride and the Field of Screams open when it is dark since they are outside attractions. Sometimes this is later than the official opening time for the Park.

Do you offer free parking?

Yes! Both parking and entrance onto our Midway where you will find all of our attractions and festivities is free. For security purposes, please lock your vehicles and hide any contained valuables.

Does Uber, Lyft or other services provide transportation to your location?

Yes. HOWEVER, from recent experiences, transportation services may NOT be available after a certain time. If you plan to do everything the Park has to offer (a “Frightful Nightful”) or you’re arriving late, you could be at the Park as late as Midnight or 1:00 a.m. The Park is not responsible for providing transportation if a service is no longer available. Please plan ahead. When the Park closes, everyone must be off of the property.

Can I get something to eat?

Yes. We have several different food vendors and a dry place to sit, talk, watch the activities and eat.

Who benefits from this project?

The attraction is staffed by volunteers from more than 65 area non-profit groups. The groups receive a donation based on the number of hours they provide.

Why are you making me take my lighter (..knife, …lighter, ..etc.) back to the car?

We use metal detectors at our entrance. For obvious reasons, we do not want weapons of any kind on the premises (that includes off-duty police officers). Too many jerks like to use their lighters in dark places, so they are banned too. Over the years, we have built quite a stock pile of things that people lost in the house. We will not be responsible for expensive electrical equipment and we do not want to shut down operations to look for them when you drop them out of your pocket. Therefore, leave all cameras, knives, guns, lighters, vapes (e-cigarettes), alcohol, chemicals and profanity in your cars. Thanks.

What about marijuana?

Marijuana is not allowed in the Park.  Leave it in your car.  We don’t care if it is legal or not.  This is a family friendly environment and marijuana is not welcome.  It can not be brought into the Park.  No!!

Is it scary?

In a word, YES! This attraction is geared to scare high school through young adults. If we can scare Notre Dame football players, we can scare you.

Is it worth driving from Kalamazoo, Chicago or Indy?

We think so. That’s why we have so many fun things happening. If you do everything, it should take a couple of hours – a Frightful Nightful!

Is public transportation available?

Probably not. You are responsible for your own transportation to and from the Park. In all likelihood Uber is not available.  Please plan ahead.

Is it gory?

We do not feel the need to splatter everything with blood and guts. That being said, the attractions do have some intense scenes, but we try to get your adrenaline flowing without excessive use of gore.

Is it appropriate for young children?

This is where parental guidance is required. Although we do have many small children go through the Haunted House and are delighted, we cannot recommend it. If your child is afraid of the dark, then definitely not. The hayride and the midway attractions are not recommended for children under the age of 6.

We do offer a “No Scare Zone” on the Midway to serve as a safe haven for anyone who needs to escape the scary.   This area is free of charge and perfect for chaperones, young children and of course “scaredy cats.”

It is not permitted at any time to carry a child through any of our attractions.  Inside the attractions you will experience uneven floors, complete darkness and many scares that may startle you.  For these reasons it is not safe to carry a child.  If your child is unable to walk on their own, they are not allowed inside the attractions.  If they are too scared to continue through one of  the attractions, stop an actor and ask to be escorted out of the attraction.  

I went through five times last year and never found the sewer rats (or the volcano … or the jack-in-the-box … or the elevator…). How did I miss it?

There are a couple of reasons for this. First, we have multiple routes through our house. There are more than 100 possible paths to take (although it is possible to see everything in just seven trips). Second, many people are looking for something they saw or heard about in a previous year. Almost all of the displays and routes change every year.

How long does it take to go through the attractions?

In general, the Niles Haunted House takes 20-30 minutes. The shows Haunted Duplex (Blackbeard’s Revenge & Ghostly Hollow) takes about 20-30 minutes. The Field of Screams can take 30-45 minutes (depending how long it takes you to figure out the mazes!) and the Hayride is about 20 minutes.

These times are for the attractions themselves and do not take into account lines or how busy the Park may be.

Why won’t you let me into an attraction because of my shoes?

It is very important that you have proper footwear to go through our attractions to keep you safe! No open toe shoes (including sandals and flip flops) are permitted in the Field of Screams. High heels or narrow stilettos are not recommended in any of the attractions. Please wear appropriate shoes that you can walk in all night over uneven ground, decking, slat bridges, etc.

I’m afraid of the dark and I am claustrophobic. Will there be dark and tight places?

Yes. Some areas will be pitch black. If dark or tight places bother you, the Niles Scream Park is not the place for you — unless you want to test the limits of your adrenal gland. The Dark Terror-tory Haunted Hayride may be just right for you.

I started to hyperventilate and didn’t make it all the way through. Do I get my money back?

Let me get this straight. 1) You paid us money to scare you. 2) You got scared. 3) You got more scared. 4) You got so scared that we had to remove you via our hidden doors and secret passages. I think you owe US money.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we accept VISA and MasterCard. There is a $2.00 service fee on each transaction that involves a credit card because the posted prices are for cash payment.

Are you open if it rains or snows?

Yes because the only thing that will shut us down is a tornado or another catastrophic event. The midway and all attraction paths are carpeted so if it rains, it still will be easy to get around. If it is raining really hard, the Hayride and/or Field of Screams may be closed, but your ticket will be honored on another evening that we are open this season.

Are the actors allowed to touch you?

It used to be “No.” At no point are visitors to come in contact with actors or actors allowed to come in contact with the visitors. But our Hooded attraction that opened in 2017 breaks that rule.  That attraction requires you to sign a waiver and our actors will touch you. 

There still is no touching in all of the other attractions – the Niles Haunted House, Haunted Duplex (Blackbeard’s Revenge & Ghostly Hollow), the Field of Screams and the Dark Terror-tory Haunted Hayride – and anywhere else in our Park, including the midway. If you have any concerns, please immediately contact one of our security volunteers (they’ll be wearing an orange hat).

Although actors may touch you in the Hooded attraction, it is NEVER permissible in any of our attractions for you to touch an actor.  Doing so is grounds for immediate ejection from the property without a refund.  If an actor is hurt, they have the right to press and file legal charges against the assailant.

Are there strobe lights?

Yes. All attractions at the Scream Park have strobe lights. Consequently, it is not recommended for anyone with epilepsy, seizure disorders, or those having a tendency to be dizzy or to experience fainting spells.

We also do not recommend it for those who have heart conditions, pregnant woman or any other physical condition that could be affected by a strobe light or being scared.

Is there any reason I should not come to the Scream Park?

Unfortunately, not everyone can enjoy the Scream Park. If you are pregnant, have a heart condition, have epilepsy, are prone to fainting, have asthma or other breathing problems, the Scream Park is probably not the place for you. If you have any questions about whether you can participate in the attractions because of a health issues, we recommend you consult your doctor.

I’m in a wheelchair–is there anything for me at the Scream Park?

The Scream Park is accessible to anyone in a standard wheelchair. All outdoor areas (except the parking lot) are carpeted so getting around is relatively easy. All of our attractions have a designated handicap route that is mostly accessible by standard wheelchair and we will have a volunteer guide to help you through, but anyone in a wheelchair MUST have someone accompanying them to push them through the attractions. Keep in mind there are several areas where you will need to take an alternate route to accommodate your wheelchair so you may miss small portions of the show as a result. Also, the environment of a haunted house is not ideal for navigating a wheelchair. Your chair may scrape against a wall or require maneuvering to get through safely. The Scream Park is not liable for any damage to your personal wheelchair and will provide an alternate wheelchair if you are concerned your chair will be damaged. Please note that oversized and motorized wheelchairs are prohibited.

If you have trouble walking, walk with a cane or have knee/hip/ankle issues, please be aware that there are areas where the ground is uneven, the floors move and passages are very narrow. It may be difficult for you to navigate these areas. For your safety, the use of crutches or canes is not allowed in any of the attractions. We will accommodate you in a wheelchair.

Do you have security?


Can I be thrown out of the attractions for any reason?

Yes. Any disorderly conduct will not be tolerated and immediate ejection will result. No refunds will be given.

Can I take photos?

No. No cameras, cell phone cameras, or video equipment are allowed while touring the attractions.  We have a Photo Kiosk where souvenir pictures can be purchased after we take them.  You can take pictures with your cellphone camera in the midway, but everywhere else on the property is prohibited.

If I can’t take my camera into the Park, can I take my cell phone?

Cell phones are permitted. You can use them on the midway. They must be turned off while touring the attractions. If you use your phone while in any attraction (for calls, pictures or anything else), you will be escorted out of the Park and your money will not be refunded.

Do you offer group rates?

We are happy to accommodate groups at the Park and have lots of room on the midway and bus parking. If you have a group of 20 or more paying together, please call the office at 269-445-3871 to make arrangements ahead of your visit. We appreciate it if you give us at least a week’s notice for large groups.

I am looking to raise funds for my group, how do I get more information?

The Scream Park works with over 65 local volunteer organizations to raise funds to accomplish their financial goals. Unlike other fund-raising opportunities, we require zero startup costs and its fairly easy to get involved. Best of all, it’s a lot of fun! Whoever said volunteering can’t be fun?

Volunteering for the Park doesn’t just consist of dressing up and being an actor. While this is one aspect of the project and is the most fun, we understand that this isn’t suitable for everyone. Operating a Scream Park takes a large workforce and there are various other positions to fill. For more information, please see our Volunteer Information Packet.

I wasn’t able to use all of my tickets during my visit, are they still valid?

Absolutely! The Niles Scream Park is very popular and for good reason. As a result, we can be very busy. Especially on Saturday’s in October. If you visited our Park and were unable to use any of your tickets, they are valid all season through October 29th. If you are returning to use ONLY your left over tickets, you’re welcome to enter the Park via the “Reservation Only” line and walk right into the Midway after security wanding. If you need to purchase additional tickets with your leftover tickets, please purchase them in advance online or you will pay more at the box office. If you purchase additional tickets online, you must enter at the time slot you purchased those tickets for. 

How do reservations work? What do I do?

You’re strongly encouraged to purchase tickets online prior to your visit to the Park. Those who do not buy tickets online will pay $5 more for single admission tickets and $10 more for packaged admission tickets. Please make sure that you thoroughly read through the welcoming message on the landing page. Once you’re ready to buy tickets, you will select the date you wish to attend and it will show the remaining available tickets for that day. You will then decide what tickets you would like and then proceed with picking the time slot you wish to attend. You will not be able to select quantities until a time slot has been chosen. Make sure that you’re selecting the same time slot with each ticket type if you’re purchasing more than one ticket. If a time slot is booked for any desired tickets, you will need to proceed with the next available time slot and make sure that all members of your party are selecting the same time. You will only be allowed entry at the time slot that tickets were purchased for. Once purchased, you will get a confirmation email.

When you arrive, please line up in the time slot that you purchased tickets for. You will not be granted early admission into the Park. The reservations are for entry into the Park to regulate the flow of traffic for a balanced experience. Once you’re in the Park, you can go to any attraction of your choosing (at any time) that you purchased tickets for. If there are members in your party who just want to “hang out” on the Midway and not attend the attractions, they can enter with your time slot. If members of your party require tickets, they must be purchased in advance as long as the same time slot is still available. Those without reservations will need to wait in the “General Admission” line. If you’re in possession of free tickets or certificates, you may enter the earliest available time slot so long as you do not need additional tickets. If you need additional tickets with your free tickets/certificates, you need to purchase them in advance or you will pay more at the Box Office. Please line up in the front area no sooner than 10 minutes before your reservation time.

We request that you PRINT or SCREENSHOT all of your tickets to streamline admission to each attraction. We can also scan from a mobile device, but it takes longer and slows everything down. Please have your mobile device out, ready and with the brightness fully up for redemption as you approach each attraction ticket scanner. If you’re going to use a mobile device, you’re STRONGLY encouraged to “screenshot” the barcodes or QR codes that were sent to you. On busy nights, the cellular tower next door that every service plan is connected to will be “bogged” down and it will cause very slow connection speeds as you try to present your tickets. If you’re not ready at each attraction entrance, you will be asked to step aside to allow the next person/group to enter until you’re ready.

Are any animals allowed on the property?

No. No exceptions. Sorry, we cannot allow any animals whatsoever (including service animals) on the property. The Scream Park environment is loud, chaotic and disorienting. It definitely is not a place where any animals should be present in fairness to the animals and our patrons. Sorry, no exceptions.

I have a question that was not answered in this list of FAQs. Who do I contact?

You can send a message to the office via our contact page or you can call the office during business hours (Monday-Friday / 9am-5pm) at 269-445-3871. The office is not open weekends.