Dark TERROR-tory Haunted Hayride CLOSES

Dear Niles Scream Park Enthusiasts,
It is with a heavy heart that we are writing to inform you of a significant decision regarding the Dark TERROR-tory Haunted Hayride. After careful consideration and evaluation of various factors, we regret to announce the closure of the Dark TERROR-tory Haunted Hayride effective immediately.
The decision to close the Dark TERROR-tory Haunted Hayride was not made lightly. Since 1998, we have cherished the opportunity to serve our community and visitors alike, providing memorable experiences and fostering connections through a unique attraction. However, changes in the economic landscape, evolving consumer preferences and unforeseen challenges have necessitated this difficult decision.
We felt it was necessary to provide transparency behind this very difficult decision as well as provide encouragement for your continued support and hope for its possible return in a different capacity in the future.
1. It is the most expensive attraction to operate safely. The cost of fuel, maintenance to the wagons and tractors and incredible amounts of time to complete the decoration of 50 sets that far exceeded every other attraction.
2. It is not a secret that the Hayride exists because of one family who has worked with the Park for 20+ years. Unfortunately, their future and the time commitment that is required to operate this attraction is uncertain at this time.
3. Our patrons expect more than safety allows us to do each year in comparison to the performance of the other attractions. The expectations of how other haunted hayrides operate is not compatible with ours given the circumstances of time commitments to everything else the Scream Park has to offe
We extend our deepest gratitude to our loyal patrons, dedicated staff members, and all loyal enthusiasts who have supported this attraction throughout the years. Your unwavering commitment and enthusiasm have been instrumental in shaping the Dark TERROR-tory Haunted Hayride into what it is today. We are profoundly grateful for the memories shared, friendships (or relationships) forged and the invaluable support received.
While this heart-breaking attraction closure marks the end of a chapter, it provides a beginning to many new opportunities. As we embark on this transition, we remain dedicated to preserving the legacy of the Dark TERROR-tory Haunted Hayride and exploring avenues for its hopeful return in a different capacity in the future.
For now, an all-new attraction will take its place and mark the beginning of this new era.
Opening in the Fall of 2024, here is a small taste of what is in store with this all new attraction:
Shrouded in mystery and darkness, a secluded society dwells amidst the dense foliage and towering trees ruled by a tyrannical force of power with no bounds. The fragile balance of power is disturbed by those who enter from modern civilization and threatens to unleash unspeakable horrors upon the world. Those who enter must confront the darkness that lurks and the evil residing in the hearts of the inhabitants. Easily lost and condemned to wander forever, welcome to the Wicked Woods!
The opening of this attraction is one of several phases that will commence over the next several years. This new era will welcome opportunities to expand our Midway to accommodate our growth and provide additional memorable experiences at the Park.
We remain committed to providing transparency and upholding our business model to provide you with never-ending change so that you have something new to look forward to year-after-year during your annual venture to the Niles Scream Park.
Once again, we express our sincerest appreciation for your support and understanding during this challenging decision. We look forward to maintaining our connections and exploring new possibilities for you to experience in the future.
As always, Happy Hauntings!