2017 Attractions

The Niles Haunted House

The Niles Haunted House is the largest and most popular of our attractions. It's the one that has been with us since the beginning! Before you even get to the massive house, you must make your way along a long winding path with shaky bridges over dark ponds, foggy paths through trees and a completely blacked out guard building.

Once you get into the house, there are over 100 different paths through the attraction and it’s impossible to see it all with less than seven trips. Each year the rooms, theme, sound effects and scares are changed to provide a fresh show every year!

Once you make it through the House, you still have to survive the “rear swamp” which also has many scares and monsters to frighten patrons.


Possessed webThe Adler family suspected paranormal activity in their new home. Their dog Ginger would frequently bark at thin air, lights and appliances would turn off unexpectedly, and the everyone in the house had times when they awoke to the sound of screaming. In an attempt to coexist, the Adler's foolishly purchased an Ouija Board to communicate with the spirits. Unknowingly, they opened a portal for the undead! The mansion has been boarded up and left vacant ever since. Neighbors are demanding the Adler mansion be exorcized to prevent the spirits from spreading throughout the town.


Four Flags Penitentiary was a maximum security prison for inmates who were sentenced to death. Rumors surfaced of the inmates being mistreated and used as test subjects for medical research and psychological testing since their lives no longer mattered to anyone but them. Outraged by the stories, protesters spurred an investigation of the prison. To justify the death penalty in the public’s eye and gain public support, the prison administrators plotted to fake a violent inmate riot. During the riot, however, the inmates collectively turned on the prison guards and overthrew the penitentiary.

The Field of Screams

Field of Screams cemeteryAlways a crowd favorite, the Field of Screams is ready to scare you senseless again this year. With mazes to disorient you and classic killers out to get you, you will not come out the same person...if you come out at all! Our advice? Make sure your last will and testament is up to date!

You'll start your trip through the Field by "running the gauntlet" through the new Torture area that's straight out of Medieval times. From there you'll have to make it through mazes and out of the cemetery only to find yourself in the Voodoo Bayou and Cannibal Jungle areas on the floating set.

Survive Zombie Alley and more mazes and you'll be almost at the end, where other patrons on the midway can shoot at you from the Xterminator game! (Hey, we never said it was fair.)

Finally, pass through the final cave and hope the dark will put the monsters off your tracks long enough for you to get out!

Dark Terror-tory Haunted Hayride

If the other attractions have you tired of running, you can get on board a trailer and ride the Dark Terror-tory Haunted Hayride. The trail is approximately a mile long and filled with more than 30 sets that are woven together into a narrative that changes each year. The trail has featured an amazing lightning and thunder effect tunnel and a prop that “pees” on you in the wagon! A mix of humor and scares, the ride is certainly not a normal Fall hayride through quiet woods.

All-new attracion!

This is like no other attraction we've had before. So intense we can’t talk about it and it's open to adults only. Look for it on the midway--you couldn't miss it with your eyes shut! Patrons will have to sign a waiver because this attraction breaks all the rules.

And don’t miss the happenings on the Midway!

Admission to the Midway is 100% free! There you will find an assortment of terrifying entertainment including:

Professional Entertainers

    • The stage show "Metahuman: Mutant Menace?" will be on the midway select Fridays and Saturdays.

    • Music from DJ R3AM and radio remotes.

    • Check the events page to see what entertainers will be on site the night you visit!

Ghoulish Games

    • The Last Ride: Step into a coffin, lay down and take the last ride you--and every person--will ever take. This "buried alive" simulator is an experience to die for! (And it comes with the death certificate to prove it.)

    • Fry Freddy Basketball: Test your free throw skills. If you hit the target, your success will be shared with everyone on the Midway as they watch Freddy be electrocuted!

    • The Scream Machine: We let you scare other patrons in the Park! Watch live footage of unsuspecting victims passing through one of our haunted attractions. Pick your prey and watch them scream as you activate one of our mechanical scares.

    • Spooky Splat Paintball Gallery: Shoot paintballs at targets or, on select nights, at a live actor! Our most popular game gives you the chance to hit a moving target.

    • The Blade: Show off your strength by swinging the hammer so powerfully it reaches the top of our strength meter!

    • X-terminator: Shoot our specially designed corn cannons at unsuspecting patrons. Beat your friends through the Field of Screams maze and rub in your victory by taking a shot at them!

Things to Do

    • Koko making friends on the midwayMonsters of the Midway: We unleash some of our most horrifying monsters to roam the Midway. It is fun to watch others get scared--just make sure it’s not you!

    • Keychain Photo Opportunity: Go home with proof that you endured one of the scariest haunted houses in the country! Take a picture with your family and friends in a themed set to remember your visit forever.

    • Scream Park Theater: Grab some concession food, sit down on a hay bale and enjoy a Halloween-themed movie on the big outdoor screen!


    • Concession Treats: We have several vendors on site that provide a variety of tasty foods and treats like hot dogs, burgers, fries, pizza, elephant ears, ice cream treats, hot chocolate and more.

    • Gore Store: You'll love the selection of Halloween items for sale! Pens, tattoos, shirts, glasses and all manner of sinister samples.